It's about 'I want to show you something!'

Welcome! Here, authors collaborate and write posts to communicate various scientific ideas/tools that they use and cherish. Most of the contributors are researchers and they go geeky ...

In Editorial, Basic, Sep 27, 2021

Let's get doing!

Making something work is fun! Not just that, even trying to make something work could be fun. As kids, most of us did try making or building new things, we did have our own mini proje...

In Editorial, Basic, Sep 26, 2021

Anamorphosis: Reflection from a Cylindrical Mirror

Anamorphosis is our first ‘hands-on’ project on The Experimentalist. An anamorph is a distorted form of an original image, which is perceived to be undistorted if viewed from a specif...

In Projects, Intermediate, Jan 30, 2022