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It's about 'I want to show you something!'

Aditya A Wagh Aditya A Wagh Follow Sep 27, 2021 · 2 mins read
It's about 'I want to show you something!'
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Welcome! Here, authors collaborate and write posts to communicate various scientific ideas/tools that they use and cherish. Most of the contributors are researchers and they go geeky quite often. Particularly, the experimentalists value making and building things with their hands so much that, they are often seen working on countless small weekend-projects. Some turn useful and some end up not-so-useful. This website, with its scientific content-oriented posts and the subscription-based magazine The Experimentalist, attempts to tap the creative aspects by documenting and featuring such small hands-on projects.

A short memoir

Since my Ph.D. times in I.I.Sc. Bangalore, I have been experiencing a special incidence time and again. A colleague or a collaborator would come finding you and say (without suppressing the excitement), “I want to show you something!”. Subsequently, the excitement in him/her would take you on a ride for some good time. Most of the times, they want to show you some experimental arrangement that they made or software/programs written to ease their complex experiments. And, rest of the times it’s just that their mind is blown by doing or seeing something for the first time. This could be anything; from writing their first working program for controlling an instrument to making their maiden sub-micrometer device in the clean-room.

The sophistication in technical problem-solving that scientists and engineers achieve over many years is important. However, tinkering with the ‘new’ projects/ventures, is what starts their personal journey to first-hand ideas and the newer knowledge.

Notably, a few such ventures result in scientific advancement while, some yield technological and commercial gains. But, needless to say, most of those have academic value and must be communicated with others.

In essence, this website aims to collaborate with different contributing authors who like sharing/explaining scientific ideas and tools in their arsenal. The content will span a wide range of categories, including basic explanatory posts describing scientific ideas with animations, step-by-step tutorials to computation, instrumentation and hands-on projects. Whereas, some posts would extend to mathematical modelling and visualization of the interesting outcomes and hence, can cater an intermediate and an advanced reader.

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Aditya A Wagh
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Editor, The Experimentalist. Researcher at IISc, Bangalore. Loves making machines and doing science!