We are experimental researchers who love building instruments and doing science. The importance of experiments (in science) can be well described with Richard Feynman’s words-

We look for a new law with following process- First, we guess it! Then, we compute the consequences of the guess (to see what if the law we guessed is right, what it would imply). And then, we compare those computation-results to nature (or we say compare to experiment or experience). If it disagrees with experiment, it’s (the law is) wrong. In that simple sentence is the key to Science!

(Original source is this lecture-video)

Experiments offer another dividend viz. a deeper understanding of the nature. Therefore, an approach of learning such as ‘learning by doing things with hands’, is quite rewarding.

At The Experimentalist, we work on and document small hands-on projects. Besides, we collaborate with various contributors to create content in the form of webposts. The webposts span a wide range of categories, including ‘Explanatory’, ‘Tutorials’, ‘Instrumentation’, ‘Mechatronics’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Researcher’s Cafe’. Further, webposts are also categorized according to the complexity of the content - ‘Basic’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’.

Here, most of the content-contributors are experimental researchers and engineers. They spare time on their weekends and holidays for The Experimentalist. We think that the contributors deserve a reasonable reward. In order to make the activity sustainable, we have chosen to monetize some of its contents. For instance, we are to use paid subscription-based model for the magazine, The Experimentalist. Additionally, certain digital supplementary material (such as designs, codes, apps, etc), developed while making the content, can be purchased as Extras.

We request readers to contact us at mail@experimentalist.in if they wish to contribute as Guest Authors at The Experimentalist.